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やればできる!(パートII) -You Can Do it if You Give it a Shot! (Part II)









だからあなたにもできるんです。 もしあきらめてしまったら、その目標はそれまでってことだったのかもしれません。





“You can accomplish what you decide to accomplish”. Is that true?

You might crash.

You might encounter a wall and may not be able to stand back up.

Time may pass while you are still not being able to get up.

But please think about it.

No matter how long it takes, I think that everyone accomplished what they wanted to on the long-run. Or, the results that you expected may have been different, you probably have “accomplished” that misson.

It may be school work, a personal goal, a job plan; no matter what the goal was, I have a feeling that you have accomplished something.

One’s life is like a river: it will continue to flow, no matter if there are rocks or mud interferring. At times, the flow may break those objects and continue to flow.

So you can do it too. If you give up now, that means that you really did not have the need to achieve that goal.

On the other hand, the goals that you achieved are goals that is more than “just accomplished”; it will be a power to you in the future.

So, if you have the will to not give up and believe that “you can achieve and complete your goal”, you will succeed.

I hope that you can complete a mission that you have always wanted to. Thank you for reading my blog.

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やればできる!!!(パートⅠ)-You Can Do It If You Give It a Shot!!!(Part I)














Who just said, “A person alone can’t do anything”?  That is not true at all. If you are a person who thinks that, please do not read today’s post. Only the people who believes strongly that “If you try, you can do it” should read this.

I’m sorry for the enthusiastic blog today. (You will find out why I am the way I am today)

…People are a small.

There may be a lot of people that think that “One person can not make a huge difference”.

But is that true? Please think about it very carefully…

For example, lets say that your friend and her family wanted to go out for dinner today. You then suggest her a really good restaurant that you know. So then, the family decided to go there and had a fun time.

At that moment, you suggested an idea for where they might consider going for dinner. Then they actually decided to put that into action…Doesn’t that mean that such little things can be affected by a single person?

The impact that you make does not have to be a huge thing. If you are able to change, even a little bit, a person’s life in a good way, that means that “you are able to make an impact on someone”.

So, “it is possible if you take a shot at it” to make an impact.

This is a personal story, but today, I have changed a mind of someone: they decided to go vegetarian. She did not eat meat/fish in the first place, and all I did was through emails, I told her the advantages of going vegetarian. To have a person decide something that’s good for them is to “make an impact”. (I was so happy that I almost started crying!)

“You can do it if you take a shot at it”. Today I wrote this in a way where it means that “one can make an impact on another”, but next time, I would like to talk about this phrase when it means “You can follow through in what you decided to do”.

I hope that today, you can keep the fact that you can make an impact in someone else’s life. Thank you for reading my blog.

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自分の力で自分の未来を切り開く -You are the one to open your own future’s door-









This may sound hard, but I think that people do this very often.

That’s because the person who decides your future is yourself. No matter what type of hard, tough problem you incounter, the person who decides what is going to happen after that is you.

Even when you have a tough problem to solve and get an advise from someone, the person who is going to decide to go with that advice or develop your own, new idea is you.  Just because you got a good advice from someone doesn’t mean that that person has the power to change your future.

Just because he does it, everyone does it, or the majority does it does not mean that they have the power to influence the way tou think. It is you that decides to recieve the effect of those people.

Please don’t let other people mess with you and your life. Even when you face a hard-core, life-changing issue, you ask for advice from the most important person in the world and they give you a good feedback, if you are going to regret it later, it is true to say that it was better off not to hear that person’s opinion in the first place.

But if you receive an advice and put it in to consideration FOR your future, that is totally fine, because you are the one that made the decision to take in that advice. So please stay strong and be the one to open up your own door to the future.

I hope that today, your decision and yourself would be able to move forward to a bright future that you have ahead of you. Thank you for reading my blog.

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カルマの法則 -The Law of Karma-












I have mentioned about the “Law of Karma” in a few of my other posts, and today, I would want to talk about it a little bit more indepth.

The bottom line is that it is the law that states, “What goes around comes around”.

In Japanese, it is also known as “Gou” (karma) , and the Law of Karma is also known as “Causality”.

Question: Why do we exist?

The answer to this is “to make our bad karmas into good karmas”

For example, getting over your fear and improving yourself as a person, that would be the purpose of life, and this is what cleans our souls.

But people choose to create their own mission/fear to improve themselves as souls.

For example, setting a goal that you will run an extra mile today is setting a high-standard goal, and when you accomplish it, you feel good, right? That is what the soul feels when you get over your fear/accomplish a mission.

I just mentioned about “souls”, but since I haven’t really touched this subject, I would like to talk more about it tomorrow.

I hope that today, you would try to make good karmas come back to you. Thank you for reading my blog.

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良いこと貯金 -Good luck bank-







“If you do something good/nice, something good/nice/lucky would happen to you”
If you know the law of Karma, you know that the quote mentioned above is true.

So, if you are doing something good/nice on a daily basis, you will become luckier and those good karma would save you from time to time.

You can think of “doing something good” as “saving up into heaven”.
When something bad happens, the good karma (luck/fortune/happiness)would automatically be deducted and will come to give you good fortune.

On the other hand, if you constanly do bad things, you will be saving up in your “Bad luck bank. It works exactly like the “Good luck bank”, but instead of good luck coming to help you, bad luck will come to you, making your life unlucky.

If both of them are automatically deducted and brought to you, it is better to have luck taken out from the “Good luck bank”.

It is never too late. If you have been putting money into your “bad luck bank”, please do something good/nice and create good karma, so you can fill up your “Good luck bank”. But the “good thing” doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be picking up trash, saying hi to others, or even opening the door for a person would work. There are endless acts you can do out there.

I hope your “Good luck bank” would start to fill up and bring you good fortune when you need it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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幸せは期待しないときにやってくる -Happiness comes to you when you don’t expect it-








I think many of you can refer to this.

Out of those people, has anyone asked themselves, “why is that the case?”

I would like to provide my own answer to this question.

In many books, it says “If you want your wish to come true, take it to the level where you don’t even think about it”. If you “pretend” that it already got granted, that means it’s in the level where “you don’t think about it”. Then when you are in that stage, the wish can easly slip out of your mind and make it come true.

Besides, when you expect someone to give you something and they don’t, you will feel sad. So on the other hand, if you don’t expect a present from that person and they give it to you, you would be happy. (Also, since you thank them, that would bring happiness to you as well)

Something exactly like this happened to me today.
I told my boyfriend, “Oh, I wish we can sing this together one day”. Then today, when it played on my ipod, he started singing it! Since I wasn’t expecting it at all, I was extremely happy. (and I got a good laugh out of it because it was so cute as well!)

Therefore, if you don’t expect a fortune or something lucky, it will come to you. The more kindness acts you do, the faster it would come. (law of karma also can go in a positive way: If you do something nice, something nice would come back to you)

I hope your day would be filled with happiness that you were not expecting. Thank you for reading my blog.

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早起きはやっぱり三文の徳! -It IS a Good Thing to Wake Up Early!-









“It is beneficial to get up early” is a old saying, and there is not doubt about this being true.

People back in the old days would wake up when the sun rose and started to work first thing in the morning. But in modern day, I have a feeling that many people wake up at the last minute and be late for work/school.

This is not something that should be done.

If you live according to “the law of nature”, people will become healthier; this is how the human body is made – to follow the law of nature.

If you get up early in the morning, there are many benefits:
*You can do morning exercises
*You don’t need to rush through/skip breakfast
*Since you got up early, you don’t have to rush through your daily routine
*You can do what you need to do in the morning
*You can dress nice; don’t need to rush through picking out your clothes.

There are probably endless advantages that you can get from this.

Also, when you get up early, you can see the beautiful sunrise. By seeing it, you would be able to absorb the energy of nature and have a enjoyable day.

If you couldn’t get up early today, you should try tomorrow and fill up your day with joy.

I hope that you can remember that “It is beneficial to get up early”. Thank you for reading my blog.

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かっこつけるのはかっこ悪い?! -It’s uncool to pretend to be cool?!-








What does this mean?

It may be hard to understand the meaning of this, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

Imagine someone; any of your friends. If that person (who is ususally quiet) wanted to look cool and put tons of makeup or perfumes, they wouldn’t be “truely” cool, right?

Also, when you are hiding something, you can usually tell.

So, even when you do something bad and act cool by saying, “Heh! That’s nothing!”, god (I prefer the word “Creator” or “Something Great”) will sure enough find out and you will get punished. (because of the law of Karma)
That means that you don’t have to be cool at all.

Actually, people would like you and you will become pretty on both inside and the outside if you are yourself. Because THAT is being cool.

But if you pretend to be cool on a daily basis, then why not try to break your “coolness-armor” piece by piece?

I hope that you don’t have to pretend to be cool to be cool. Thank you for reading my blog.

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幸せは身近なところにある -Happiness/Fortune is always around you-







”I’m so happy that I got a super expensive purse!”
“I’m so happy that I can go to that famous idol’s concert!”
…Like mentioned above, many people think “I’m so happy because ~~~~”

But actually, true happiness isn’t anything fancy; it’s always around you. For example, you being alive here right now is fortunate. Why? That’s because somewhere in the world, there are people who can’t see tomorrow.

*I’m fourtunate to have a pair of eyes that can see.
*I’m fortunate to have a house to live in.
*I’m fortunate to have access to water.
*I’m fortunate to be able to use the internet.
*I’m fortunate to be able to eat everyday.

…the more you think about it, the more happiness/fortune that you have.

So, instead of saying “I want more!” or “I’m so happy that I got ~~~!”, try to look at the happiness that you already have around you and appriciate it.

I hope that you can appriciate your near-by happiness/fortune. Thank you for reading my blog.

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